“Why Adding A “flood Stop System” Should Be A “Building Standard” In Every High Rise Commercial Building in Los Angeles”

Many commercial water heaters, air conditioners, and filtration systems are only checked on scheduled maintenance days, meaning many leaks can go undetected for weeks – even months – until the next time they’re checked for problems, and that is plenty of time for a small leak to cause a big mess. Flood Stop Systems for Commercial Water Heaters, Conditioners, and Filters can help prevent costly damage by shutting off the water to the unit that is leaking and prevent damage from getting to the point of major repairs or construction.

Some leaks start small and go unnoticed until significant water damage is finally discovered. Such a leak can continue to collect and then seep in the mill work, between floors, in walls, drywall ceilings and or T-bar ceiling. The damage often goes unnoticed until the flooring is visually buckled, warped or mold starts to show, and by that time the damage and cost to replace can be extensive. You can help prevent water damage from failed appliances such as water softeners and commercial water heaters simply and easily by installing the FloodStop FS 125NPT. Easily installed within 15 minutes this system is designed to detect water, automatically shut off the water valve to the water softener (or water heater or other appliance) and sound an alarm to alert you to the problem.

How FloodStop Works

  • The FloodStop valve is installed between the Water Heater and its manual shutoff valve.
  • Water/leak sensor is placed at the base of the Water Heater
  • Valve stays open until water loss is detected
  • Water on sensor closes FloodStop valve and sounds alarm
  • Valve stays closed until problem is attended to and system is reset

The flood Stop roughly cost $250 to purchase and to have a plumber install will cost you around $950+, this is a small fraction of cost compared to having to replace, mill-work, sink, dishwasher, ice maker and drywall/mold. God forbid this happens, but if it does, and there’s no flood stop, this could cost upwards of $15K+ to get a Restoration company, replace drywall, new mill work, re install existing appliances, paint and clean up.

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