DGR Construction Company Inc. Is here to serve our community in anyway possible, from COV19 Storm to Rehabbing old properties to helping our retail community to our large corporate Tenant Improvement clients.

Right now is a sobering time, a time stamp in history and a lot of work ahead of us. This is a time of strength, a time of perseverance, a time of hard work.

As the president of DGR Construction Company Inc. I’m always working in direct with our clients, I’ve had to quickly adapt to the new normal of PPE masks etc. But If I remember correctly, as a contractor, we’re always having to adapt to a new normal, new codes, new clients, new changes, keeps us on our toes.
We’re definitely in tough times right now, however I have so much faith in our Los Angeles community, from our local government agencies, to our local law enforcement, to our construction community, the unions, etc. We will figure out a game plan soon and we will rebuild our faith in one another and rebuild our communities.

I remember when the North ridge earthquake happened, for most contractors it was slow and all of sudden, BAM!! the earthquake happened, our so cal world got shaken-ed!! Business got Red tagged, people lost their life, people lost their lively hood! However, as Resilient people that we are, thousands and thousands of people started their careers, including me. We started picking up brick by brick, we bulldozed buildings and built new ones. We the contractors, repaired one building at a time with Unions getting strong and thousands of people starting their careers. We as a community started to see light at the end of the tunnel. People started to go back to work, people fed their families, people bought houses, communities started to smile again. No matter the circumstance, we as people, we fight back! We stay steadfast, We overcome, I think about the incidents in the Los Angeles greater area that have effected us over the last 30 years, Los Angeles Riots, North ridge earthquake, Aids, Drugs pandemic, Gangs, homelessness and now 2020 riots.

Whatever the situation is, we as contractors are suited and booted, ready to help clean up our communities, I know the Southern California Carpenters union is a great activist for giving back along with a lot of men and women that continue to get in on the front lines and help either build or rebuild our communities.

The sun will rise and when it does, DGR Construction Company Inc. is here to help with rebuilding our community, one building at a time. As a preferred Los Angeles General Contractor, DGR Construction is here to help with small board up projects, glass storefront replacement, signage, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC Mechanical work, Drywall, Paint, clean up, Security, COV19 design & install and Construction Management.